Habitat sites of sunfish,Candidasa 



20 years ago, sunfish  inhabiting Bali was hardly known to the world.


Its is also true that our dive center opened in Candidasa 1998 without knowing the fact that sunfish were inhabitated. 


Looking at sunfish at the sea of Candidasa overlapped after a couple of years  since opening and it gave me a chance to investigate sunfish.


Then , I accumulated a record of sunfish encounter cases since 2003, probably first published a forecast of sunfish encounter in Bali  on the website.


The encounter with sunfish gives a wonderful impression which other creatures cannot taste.


I would like you to enjoy sunfish dive in accordance with our rules, with the motto of not invading the sunfish's living environment  extremely and observing sunfish.






Schedule when sunfish could be seen with high probability on 2019

Frst week:         1st,2nd,3rd,4th August
Second week:  15th,16th,17th,18th,19th  August
Third week:      30th,31st August  1st,2nd,3rd  September
Forth week:      14th,15th,16th,17th September
Fifth week:        29th,30th September 1st,2nd  October
Six week:            14th,15th,16th,17th October

Seven week:     28th,29th,30th  31st October

Total seven weeks 30days, When do you want to meet the Mola Mola(Sun fish)?






Condition for participating in sunfish dive


  1. On the first dive day participate in a check dive where dive sites are Tulamben ,Amed or Padangbai.
  2. Dive log number at least 100dives or more.
  3. Who can dive freely decent from a flowing water surface.
  4. Those who can freely take a neutral buoancy.




Advice to sunfish dive


  1. The hotel in Candidasa is within walking distance of DIVELITE. Because  sunfish dive  is  determined  by the tide tabe, It may be early in the morning. It's a  good idea to use our DIVE PACKAGES. 
  2. Although the encounter rate with sunfish is about 70% against the prediction table. there is variation in the week when sunfish are seen.  Please have a margin in the schedule. Inaddition,diving for sunfish dive for at least 3 days is essential(includes 1day check dive).
  3. Our dive center is basically intended to encounter sunfish of less that 20 meters depth. Of course there are risks in diving, but  we will not challenge diving such as v deep depth over 30 meters) or long dive time.
  4. The sunfish dive has low water temperature(23C or lower),and it's current to flow more strong. 5mm wetsuit and fins etc may not fitted , so bring your own concern if you are concerned. Also, dive-computers are essential.
  5. Our dive center will not commit the dive to the sunfish dive sites. It's depending on the situation of the sea and skill of divers. Those who compel the sunfish dive should rethink our use.  [Safety First] , let's have a  fun dive.